Analisis Teknologi Artefak Obsidian Danau Bandung Purba

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Anton Ferdianto


Abstract. Stone tool's was one of a kind that prehistory man use and made, where is purpose or un purpose to help their daily life's. There's lot of stone material that man could use to make stone tool and one of them is Obsidian. An archaeological survei had been conduct in Bandung Basin and Obsidian artifact was found there. Analysis from Obsidian artifact that found in several site in Bandung basin in this case classification and typology was throughout in these research, and conclude that the knapping stone technology in Bandung Basin area was quite high. Keywords: alat batu, danau bandung, obsidian

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Ferdianto, A. (2012). Analisis Teknologi Artefak Obsidian Danau Bandung Purba. PURBAWIDYA: Jurnal Penelitian Dan Pengembangan Arkeologi, 1(1), 1–20.