Jejak Tradisi Megalitik dalam Masyarakat Hulu Way Pengubuhan, Lampung

Nanang Saptono



The Selagai community used the upstream of Pengubuhan river area as a settlement. At the first stage it settled at Gedong Rata or Taking Keramat, and also at Keramat Teluk area. This paper try to elaborated about the traces of megalithic tradition and some of the object related with it. and also a former village of Selagai community. It was conducted through the descriptive method with a specific comparative analysis of similar phenomena. Based on existing facts and by comparing the find can be known in the Selagai community found some traces of megalithic tradition used as regalia objects and in the form of games activity as a kind of ritual for worship of the ancestral spirits. From that research can he concluded in the last period the Keramat Teluk site as a traces of settlements in the upstream of Pengubuhan river becouse in this area found the uprigh stone as a traces of megalithic tradition.

Kata Kunci: pemujaan, aktivitas, permainan, permukiman, menhir



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