Analisis Pseudo Prasasti dari Sukabumi

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Titi Surti Nastiti
Endang Widyastuti


Abstract. On August 2011, the Pikiran Rakyat Daily Newspaper reported about some inscription which is predicted as an ancient object. Those objects are trust­ed as a material remains from Pajajaran period.Based on observation, according to the substance those inscription are grouped become 3 there are stone, animal skin, and palm. However, based on reading and analysis to those inscription there arc no characteristic which is shows it's an ancient object. Based on alphabet estimation it show that the alphabet on the inscriptions arc inclined almost the same with a faded Roman alphabet letter. So, it summarized that the inscriptions from Sukabumi City is not a remained from pajajaran period.Kata kunci: analisis, epigrafi, kerajaan pajajaran, prasasti

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Nastiti, T. S., & Widyastuti, E. (2016). Analisis Pseudo Prasasti dari Sukabumi. PURBAWIDYA: Jurnal Penelitian Dan Pengembangan Arkeologi, 1(1), 77–90.