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Nurul Laili


 Cineam region is located in the eastern district of Tasikmalaya. Neolithic sites were found in the area were the site which contained the remains of artifacts as traces of workshop activity such as square pickaxe. Artifacts remains of pickaxe workshop activities in which among others found the pickaxe, half made pickaxe, chips and flakes. Neolithic sites were scattered in this area which consist of six different sites. The purpose of this paper was to determine the placement pattern and its underlying factors. Knowledge of the placement pattern is expected to give clues about human behavior pattern in utilizing space (natural environment) for their activities. The method used were both qualitative and quantitative method. The purpose is to determine the qualitative and quantitative placement patterns for the analysis of the underlying factors. Analysis was performed by using environmental analysis. The pattern of placement in neolithic sites of Cineam region were using river flow patterns. The river as a neolithic site placement played an important basis  for human activities were also taken into account as the potential area which were based on appropriate environmental conditions such as, good altitude, slope, fertility, as well as the availability of water and raw materials provided by the river.

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Laili, N. (2016). POLA KELETAKAN SITUS-SITUS NEOLITIK DI KAWASAN CINEAM, TASIKMALAYA. PURBAWIDYA: Jurnal Penelitian Dan Pengembangan Arkeologi, 4(2), 97–108. Retrieved from http://purbawidya.kemdikbud.go.id/index.php/jurnal/article/view/P4%282%292015-3