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by Moh Rosyid (2019-03-04)

Virtualization of workplaces under VDI



Workplace virtualization, also known as Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), is used to transfer user workstations to a dedicated server / сервер and then use its computing power. Each user in this case works on a personal computer, but the software is installed on the server, and it also stores all the information. And the user's computer only performs the function of transmitting information to a remote server and back.

This technology is used when it is important to have a unified workplace accessible from every corner of the globe. Physically, the user can be in another city or country, but work with a familiar computer. In addition, VDI is in demand among enterprises and institutions for which security and reducing the risk of information leakage are important. Since data is not stored on the user's computer, but on a remote server, it is impossible to steal a hard disk or quietly write secret files to any media. In the case of removal of the computer data on it will not. A central server is located in a separate room, access to which has a limited number of persons.

To implement this technology, you need a powerful server, because tens and hundreds of users will be working on it at the same time. But for the users themselves enough to get the most simple and cheap devices.

Thanks to the virtualization of the working environment, the security and integrity of information купить, savings in the maintenance of computer equipment, as well as ample opportunities for scaling and increasing computing power are provided.