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by Moh Rosyid (2019-03-04)

Advantages of virtualization of workplaces:


Reliable and centralized storage of information. All data is on a central server конфигуратор. If an employee wants to take out valuable information, he will not be able to remove the hard drive from the computer. The users themselves do not install drives for reading disks, and the use of flash-cards is blocked by software. In addition, you can configure the system so that each attempt to copy or write information to any media is blocked, recorded and transmitted to the system administrator.

Reducing the cost of acquiring and maintaining new client devices. At the start, workplace virtualization will not bring financial benefits: savings on the purchase of cheap devices for users are leveled by significant investments in a powerful and productive server. But in the future, when you need to increase the computing power, you will not need to upgrade dozens, hundreds or thousands of computers - it will be enough to improve only the server, and this greatly reduces the cost of salaries to technical specialists. System administrators do not have to configure each individual computer. In cabinets, typical terminals or computers are installed with the same software that provides access to the virtual desktop. Then the employee enters the username and password and gets access to his own computer, as a matter of fact, to the server.

The ability to connect from user devices to the work environment remotely via the Internet. This is convenient for mobile employees, engineers on the road, those on a business trip, and even freelancers. Being anywhere, the user gets universal access to the workplace.

Ease of administration. For example, if an employee changes his office, he doesn’t even need to move the computer. He simply enters his username and password on another device and gets access to his former workplace. All access is easy to add, change or delete through the server: the system administrator does not need to go to each computer.

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