Awal Pengaruh Hindu-Buddha Di Pantai Utara Jawa Tengah

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Agustijanto Indradjaja


Archaeological research related to the arrival and development of Hindu-Buddhism in Central Java is still an interesting fact until today. At this time, the coastal areas of Central Java including Kendal became the area that received less attention even though three inscriptions around the 7 – 8th AD were found in the northern part of Java. This study aims to explore the Tegal Sari and Boto Tumpang sites. Kendal which were thought to be one of the important areas in the early period before the emergence of the Kingdom of Mataram in the hinterland of Central Java. Explorative study was conducted and data collection was taken from surveys and excavations. The results of this study achieved success in identifying a number of important findings such as statues and temples, especially in locations that were targeted for research. Based on the identification of a number of archeological findings, it appears that in the east of estuary of the Kali Kuto River, there are ancient settlements from the 7 – 10th century AD marked by at least two temples, Tegal Sari and Boto Tumpang temple.

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Indradjaja, A. (2020). Awal Pengaruh Hindu-Buddha Di Pantai Utara Jawa Tengah. PURBAWIDYA: Jurnal Penelitian Dan Pengembangan Arkeologi, 9(1), 79–94.


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